Project Description

The following examples of work conducted by Lost Art Limited will demonstrate that we have the experience, capacity and technical ability to undertake any type of restoration project involving historic landscape structures.

The whole process of the restoration work was documented on behalf of the Park’s Friends Group and is still available as a DVD which captures both the effort and skill that went into the whole process of restoring a particularly decorative piece of landscape furnishing.

A number of leading foundries were the main providers of fountains for public spaces, these include The Coalbrookdale Foundry, based in England and the Scottish Foundries of the MacFarlane and Sun Companies. Lost Art Limited retain catalogues and documents from each of these. It was often the case that, rather than installing fountains that were exact copies of those in their catalogues, companies, the components of previously produced fountains were combined to produce new designs that were unique to a particular location.

Project Details