Project Description

This project involved the full design, production and installation of a replacement for a missing Victorian design cast iron fountain, plus the production and installation of park perimeter railings and repair to gates.

The components of both the fountain and the railings were test assembled and painted at the Lost Art Limited workshop before being transported to site for full assembly and installation. Where appropriate the component parts were electroplated prior to painting for a reduced maintenance legacy and some decorative features were gilded with 24 carat gold leaf.

In addition to the work on the fountain and surround railings, Lost Art Limited were also commissioned to restore the perimeter fencing based on the historic photograph supplied by the client.

In contrast to the surround fencing for the fountain which was produced in wrought or worked iron, the perimeter fencing required cast iron components which were produced from a pattern produced by Lost Art Limited and then submitted to the client for approval.

Project Details