Restoration Specifications

The fact that a particular structure is being considered for restoration implies that it has both historic and aesthetic significance and also that,although it has weathered the passage of time, that some dilapidation has taken place. The majority of projects undertaken by Lost Art Limited date from the Victorian period, a time of prolific developments in technique, materials and design. If the splendid structures of the period are to be fully restored, it is important to have an understanding of all of these aspects in order that the repairs will restore the structures to their former glory and to facilitate their surviving a further 100+ years.

It is also our experience that many of the structures we restore have undergone previous repairs, often to a poor standard on an ad-hoc basis, using inferior materials, preparation and execution. Further to this, we also find that, where specifications have been inexact, that cost cutting by contractors will result in apparent solutions requiring rapid remedying.

Lost Art Limited are committed to applying the highest standard of work to all repairs and will provide the same attention to detail to providing specifications for restorations that can be applied and enforced, whoever is finally selected to undertake the work.