Tree Guards

Tree Guards

Although tree guards and protectors can be a common feature of our street and landscape scenes, Lost Art offer a wider range and higher specification than is often the case. Rather than choosing to opt for a common or garden style, we are happy to discuss all features of our range, whether it be height, circumference, gauge of metal or colour of the finish. If you don’t see exactly what you want, then please remember that Lost Art specialise in working with Landscape Architects and Designers to create exactly what is required instead of trying to sell ‘off the peg’ solutions’ if they are not right.

Tree Guard No 402
Height = 4ft
Diameter = 4ft

Tree Guard No 406
Height = 6ft
Diameter = 12ft

Tree Guard No 407
Height = 6ft
Diameter at top = 12inches
Diameter at base = 16 inches

We also maintain a selection of examples of catalogues from the Victorian and Edwardian eras that demonstrate a variety of other tree protector styles. The following is from the catalogue of the Hill and Smith Company.