Railing, Fences & Gates

Estate Railings & Gates

This distinctive style of railing was once a common feature of the English landscape, surrounding farmland, grazing areas and large tracts of country estates.

Lost Art Limited offer authentic, high specification versions of the classic estate fencing and as part of this, offer the complementary estate gates, also in the classic style. Do not be fooled by low grade alternatives, as with the remainder of our products, these are produced to match original specifications and will provide an enduring and elegant surrounding and access to land where an attractive yet effective barrier is required.

Both the estate gates and railings are produced to order to meet the required sizes and configurations. As with all our fencing and gates, we can undertake work on either a supply only or supply and installation basis. We are also happy to advise at the design stage.

As with many of our products, the inspiration is derived from historic catalogues in the Lost Art Archive. We hold a number of catalogues dedicated to styles of fencing and gates and are happy to provide clients with advice on the most appropriate style for their location.

Gameproof Fencing & Gates

Game-proof fencing was once a common sight in the grounds of large properties. The fencing would often be used to surround areas of delicate and decorative plants which required protection from grazing animals or more opportunistic feeders.

Lost Art offer this style of fencing in a variety of historic forms, as shown in a number of catalogues from both the Victorian and Edwardian periods that are held in our archives. We offer reproductions of several forms of each types of fencing. These are produced to exacting standards, intended to last at least as long as some of the original examples that we refurbish or replace. Our fencing is intended to be both functional and decorative as well as historically accurate and sufficiently robust for use in areas that attract high levels of visitors and usage.

In addition to offering a range of styles, we can also produce each of the types in a variety of sizes to suit the installation site and purpose. As with the majority of our other products, we can also adapt the existing designs to produce site specific bespoke products.

Lost Art Limited offer both supply only and supply and installation options on all our fencing and railings.

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Cast Gates

Lost Art also have a stock of casting patterns for cast iron gates produced in a single mould. As is common, we also have the matching pattern for the corresponding railings that contain repeated elements from the feature gates.

These examples were produced from the patterns we have in our library and installed in Montgomery Place in Preston.

Hoop Top Fencing

In addition to the estate and gameproof styles, we also offer traditional hoop top fencing in a variety of designs. Often seen in parks and other public spaces surrounding memorials and flower beds, our product is not to be confused with low grade fencing that may provide a short term decorative function. Lost Art hoop top fencing is produced to high specifications, using higher than average gauges of iron for strength with anti-corrosion treatment included as standard and a protective paint system is used to add further durability and a lower maintenance legacy.

The following images shows the hoop top railings surrounding the Boer War Memorial statues in Mesnes Park Wigan. The decorative ironwork in the pavilion building behind was also restored by Lost Art Limited.

Lost Art Limited designed, produced and installed the fountain in Hesketh Park, Southport. We also designed, produced and installed the surrounding hoop top fencing as part of the landscaping element of the project.

Also illustrated is the hoop top fencing produced and installed by Lost Art at Queens Park, Bolton. The fencing surrounding the lake includes a number of different heights of fence panels.

All the images of railings and fencing serve only to illustrate the range of Lost Art Limited’s capabilities in this area. It is not an exhaustive list and we welcome any and all enquiries regarding the restoration, reinstatement, design, production, supply and installation of historic designs of fencing.

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Lost Art Limited offer a large and ever expanding range of cast iron finials. These can either be incorporated into fencing panels for either supply direct to clients or supply and installation by Lost Art. In addition to the existing library of patterns and style, our documentary archive contains further illustrations of historic designs and we have an established record of reproducing existing finials in order to produce additional or replacement items for restoration projects.

Many of our finials can be found in areas of historical and architectural interest, for example the Canning Conservation Area of Liverpool where a variety of the illustrated finials have been installed.

Finials are cast integral with the spindles in the traditional manner - unless we are requested to do otherwise. Each vertical is individually crafted in cast iron, producing the character and aesthetic value associated with Victorian ironwork.

Our finials and spindles are eminently suitable for restoration and regeneration projects where historic authenticity in design and materials is of high importance.

The railings produced from these finials and spindles are of a substantial nature and not to be confused with the readily available low gauge imitations.

We are able to develop our existing designs to suit new situations and have the facility to manufacture new designs or to produce original designs for conservation or regeneration projects.

We can work from drawings, photographs, sample originals or design sketches.

The Rufford Gameproof Fencing H694

This style of gameproof fencing is featured in both the Victorian Garden Catalogue and the catalogue of the Bayliss, Jones &Bayliss Company of Wolverhampton and London, renowned for their Iron and Steel, Plain and Ornamental Railings and Gates.

Both decorative and functional, they were intended for inclusion in pleasure gardens where they could enclose flower beds, shrubberies and ornamental waters. According to the original publicity, These hurdles make a neat guard against rabbits for enclosing shrubberies, also for borders in private gardens, recreation grounds and public parks.

This style is 620mm high and 1930mm in length. It is electroplated for protection against corrosion prior to painting.

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The Smithills Gameproof Fencing H698 Medium

A decorative means of protecting shrubberies and borders in private gardens, recreation grounds and public parks against small marauders such as rabbits. Lost Art Limited offer a faithful reproduction of this style of fencing featured in both the catalogue of the Bayliss Company and the Victorian Garden Catalogue. The narrow gaps in the rails, especially on the lower part of the fencing offer the greater protection against animals than other forms of decorative railings.

This style of fencing (also referred to as H698 in the Bayliss directory) is a medium height version. Height 610mm, Length 1925mm.

As with other Lost Art decorative fencing, the panels are electroplated prior to painting to protect against corrosion and lower the maintenance legacy of the product, whilst enhancing longevity.

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The Gothic Gameproof Fencing H692 Medium

Also described by the Victorians and Edwardians as ‘Ornamental Game Proof Hurdles’, this medium sized panelled fencing is similar in style to the No.26 offered by Lost Art Limited but differs in that it has a more arched, even ecclesiastical appearance to the tops of the railings in comparison to the more usual rounded style seen elsewhere.

This style of fencing has the following dimensions: Height 620mmLength 1930mm.

Produced to high specifications and electroplated prior to painting in order to offer significant corrosion protection, properly maintained this will be a long-lasting product enhancing private or public spaces.

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The Lakeside Hoop Top Fencing Style 33

A classic style of border fencing from the Victorian Period, reproduced here by Lost Art Limited in high quality materials and to high specifications.

Intended to provide a both decorative and functional surround to garden areas and features, this style of fencing appears in both the Victorian Garden Catalogue and the catalogue of the Bayliss, Jones and Bayliss, possibly the company providing the widest range of fencing and railing designs during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In the Bayliss Company catalogue, the style is referred at as H752, which helps give some idea of the breadth of their range.

This style of fencing panel is offerd in the following dimensions:

Height 445mm, Length 1930mm

The panels are electroplated prior to painting in order to offer greater protection against corrosion and a lower requirement for maintenance as well as a longer life-span.

For obvious reasons the central upright underneath each of the hoop tops is no longer produced with a tapered or pointed top as in the original Bayliss design!

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The Arnside Hoop Top Fencing Style 34

Appearing in the pages of both The Victorian Garden Catalogue and The Bayliss Company Catalogue as Styles No.34 and H756 respectively, this is a faithful and substantial reproduction of a much used wrought iron fencing style. Featuring a pleasing, almost rhythmic pattern of overlapping uprights, this style can be found in private and public estates, gardens and parks. The distinctive hoop topped fencing could be used to surround and indeed protect areas such as borders, shrubberies and water features, as well as installations such as statues.

This version of the classic fencing style is produced to the following dimensions: Height 440mm, Length 1790mm

As with other Lost Art fencing panels, these are produced from substantial gauge wrought iron and then electroplated prior to being painted as this offers significant protection against corrosion, lower requirement for maintenance and greater longevity in situ.

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The Penrith Hoop Top Fencing Style 32

Offered as ornamental borders for shrubberies and areas of private gardens, recreation grounds and public parks, hoop top fencing was a regular and distinctive feature of the Victorian and Edwardian managed landscapes. Produced in wrought iron, having been worked by hand, rather than cast from molten metal, this style of fencing appears in the catalogues of the major producers of the day, as held in the Lost Art Limited archives. We now offer reproductions of several styles in order to fully furnish the restoration of original layouts or garden designs inspired by the classic styles and requiring authentic landscape furnishings.

Our Hoop Top hurdle, style number 34 appears in the historic Bayliss, Harding and Bayliss catalogue and features a distinctive double hoop appearance, adding further interest to the classic style.

These products are not to be confused with lightweight and low specification versions available elsewhere. These items are produced in high gauge metal and are fully electroplated then powder coating, providing a base level of protection plus a tough outer coating offering a long life and low maintenance.

The dimensions of the panels are: Height 445mm: Length 1900mm. This excludes the legs that are inserted into the ground.

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