Rose Supports

Rose Trainer

Hand forged plant supports reproduced from Victorian designs. Fashioned in riveted wrought iron.

Aesthetically pleasing and historically accurate. The Lost Art Rose Trainer is very much in the style of the famous Victorian garden designer Harry Inigo Triggs and reflects his influence on a wide variety of garden features as well as the overall layout of gardens.

In the Victorian Garden Catalogue, this form of rose trainer is describes as being “far preferable to ordinary pea-sticks or bamboo rods, as they are never unsightly, even when the plants are growing or when the foliage begins to disappear.”

In addition to their obvious allegiance to the display of roses, these standards are easy to relocate within the garden and are suitable for other ramblers, such as sweet peas and other plants of a similar habit.

As seen in the Victorian Garden Catalogue. These items are electroplated for corrosion protection and then powder coated to provide a lasting finish.

Lost Art Limited offer a range of hand produced plant supports that have either been reproduced from original Victorian designs or adapted according to the requirements of a particular client. With the gardens of the 19th and early 20th centuries in mind, many of these will originally have been intended for the support and display of roses and are intended to display favoured specimens to their best advantage.

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