Project Description

Originally installed in 1869, the gift of a local businessman and philanthropist, Joseph Pease, this exuberant Coalbrookdale design has been providing a central feature in Albert Park, Middlesbrough, for 150 years and was recently voted one of the top 10 fountains in the U.K.

Fully restored by Lost Art Limited, this is a stunning example from one of the major foundries of the Victorian age, enhanced by the decorative scheme that contrasts the black elements of the main structure with the 24 carat gold leaf gilding of many of the decorative elements.

The bowls and central core of the fountain are enhanced with a variety of castings, including the figurative, such as the herons, swans, bulrushes, lily leaves and more stylistic features such as the swags and festoons.
We are now able to offer a reproduction of the fountain, or alternatively, a bespoke design based on the major elements but incorporating components featured in other Coalbrookdale designs. This mixing and matching of decorative elements was a significant feature of Victorian decorative ironwork, as offered by all the significant producers of the time, allowing for unique designs to be created from a catalogue of components.

As can be seen, the fountain looks wonderful in all seasons.
Please discuss any plans you might have for either a recreation of the fountain or an individual design based on this model.

This fountain is available produced and delivered to site. Additionally, we can provide a quotation for a full delivery and installation service


Project Details