Project Description

Lost Art undertook the full restoration of the MacFarlane bandstand in Victoria Park, St Helens.

As with other examples of Victorian bandstands, the design featured elements in common with other patterns of bandstands. Lost Art already possessed a number of patterns for the casting of the required components. This allows us to either restore existing bandstands, providing replacements for missing component parts, or fully reproducing a missing bandstand to match the original appearance or actually produce a unique design of bandstand based on a previously unused combination of component parts.

In addition to the bandstand restoration, we also supplied a bespoke tree seat based on cast iron supports in the Blackberry Pattern, originally produced by the Carron Company. Lost Art will produce tree seats according to client specification, considering aspects of design such as the circumference of the tree and the required shape of the bench (we have also produced benches based on the same design of support but in a hexagonal, rather than circular, configuration.

Finally, we also provided a number of our Sunflower benches for installation in the adjacent gardens to the historic Mansion House.

Project Details