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Memorial Benches

A memorial bench can be a wonderful way in which to help remember a full life well lived, or one taken far too early. Just as you want the memories of a loved one to endure, we intend that our benches match up with your wishes and are therefore made to the highest specification and are made to last. The original benches from which ours are produced can be 150 years old, we use the same methods and materials, with the addition of modern protective measures.

All our bench designs are classics in their own right. Each design is at least 100 years old and so they will grace any location with dignity and style, unmoved by the passage of fashion and providing a long-lasting tribute to those to whom they are dedicated.

Please browse through all our styles here. If you would like us to send you a printed catalogue, then please click here.

memorial benches

memorial benches

Our cast iron and timber benches are produced using cast iron bench ends produced in a local foundry, to the highest standards, fitted with high quality and responsibly sourced, hand finished hardwood timbers, generally at least an inch thick, which, properly cared for, will last for decades. An average bench of this type weighs an average of 75 kilos and requires 2 strong people to move them – please do not confuse them with cheaper, lightweight alternatives. Similarly, our wrought iron benches are produced from heavy gauge metal and corrosion protected to ensure that they continue to act as a tribute well into the future.

No memorial bench is complete without a plaque and, as with our benches, we offer this option using the finest quality products. The plaques we offer are heavy gauge brushed brass, allowing us to engrave more deeply into the plaque, ensuring maximum legibility and for a much longer period than is all too often the case. We can also offer plaques produced in marine grade stainless steel.

memorial benches

memorial benches

memorial benches

Our classic plaque style measures 24cm x 5cm (approximately 10 inches x 2 inches), enough room for up to 4 lines of well-spaced, legible text in a clear font.

For example, we have helped honour keen anglers with appropriately shaped plaques and a motor sport legend with a replica of his racing number. If requested, we can produce larger plaques and different shapes, personalising them as required.

In addition, we can use all our experience to help with advice on the format, wording, spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as a full proof-reading service. A long-lasting memorial deserves the attention to detail that we can help provide.

In most cases, we simply deliver our benches to our clients, or to the location in which the seating is to be installed. However, we can also offer an installation service if required, looking at the location, surface on which it is to be installed and options for securing the bench in position. As security of your bench will be a concern, we can also offer fixing advice and solutions as part of our overall service.

Further options: our benches are given a minimum 4 coatings of specialist paint before they are delivered to customers. This makes them highly protected but also easier to maintain. If the coatings are damaged, either accidentally or deliberately, then this can easily be repainted in situ, with brush applied paint being touch dry within an hour. Our choice of paint reflects the challenges of the environment in which the benches may be placed, for example many memorial benches occupy seaside locations, with a marine environment being particularly tough on paint coverings.

Our memorial benches can be found in the grounds of historic houses, parks in cities and towns across the country, local community spaces, gardens of remembrance, church yards and sporting clubs, such as cricket, golf, tennis and football grounds, favourite fishing and beauty spots, as well as private homes. In short, all the places dear to those who we wish to remember.

Whatever the location, we can also assist with advice as to how to arrange with the relevant authority for our bench to be placed. Do contact us for assistance.

Please remember that our benches are as individual as the person you wish to commemorate. If you would like something bespoke, then please discuss it with us and we will be happy to help as much as possible.