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GDPR & Privacy Policy


1:  Why do we keep and use email addresses:  
We have email addresses in order to contact people relevant to our work, for the purpose of  introducing ourselves and where possible, maintaining  contact with people and organisations with whom we share an interest and a purpose.  We are only interested in making contact with people who may reasonably be expected to take an interest in the products and services we offer, these being the provision of street furnishings of a historical nature and the restoration, reproduction, repair and reinstatement of historic landscape furnishings and structures.  We believe that we are only contacting people or organisations in a legal manner under GDPR on the basis of legitimate interest in the reasonable pursuit of our business.

2: How have we obtained email addresses.  
Members of our staff have researched the internet, focussing on the contact sections of websites belonging to organisations that we have identified as potential clients.  For example, we have researched the contact sections of Council websites for the email addresses of the Streetscene/Parks/Architecture sections and either the named individual or the generic contact address. Similarly, we have researched Parish Councils and obtained the email addresses of the named contact or the general organisation. Further to this, we have looked at Landscape Architecture firms and again looked on their own websites for contact names and email addresses.  Additionally, we have looked at organisations that are focused on maintaining heritage sites, structures, landscapes and equipment.  All emails have been sent to addresses that are found on the ‘contact’ section of an organisation or individual’s website or are given as a contact address within the website.  We do not harvest email addresses at random or pay for mailing lists.  Additionally, we have contacted individuals or organisations from whom we have received enquiries or with whom we have previously done business.

3: Forms of contact:   
We send out emails introducing the services and products that we have to offer. Where we have the name of an individual then this has been addressed directly, where we only have a general address then it has been sent to Dear Sir/Madam. In all cases the email contains a request that if people do not wish to receive further information then they should notify us of this. All people/organisations that have been contacted in this way have their information freely available on either their own website or that of the organisation for which we work. Emails are sent out by an employee working in the office, not by bulk mailer and these are sent individually, or in the case of general addresses, in small batches of no more than 10. All email addresses derived are of people and organisations with a direct link to the type of work that we offer and therefore there is no 'spam' element to this in terms of a general mail out of information to random individuals or companies/organisations.  We believe that this is a less intrusive and wasteful means of communication than direct mail.
The mails sent out are not in the form of a newsletter using a service such as MailChimp, they are individual emails sent from the named email address of an employee with all contact details for the company within them

4:  What data do we hold:
In terms of data held, we have no more than what is available to a cursory but targeted search on the internet by an employee working to a brief and then to contact individuals or organisations via email. We hold no more data than;
email address: name of organisation/company: type of organisation: individual contact name if known: individual job title if known:
We hold no personal information beyond that indicated above.

5: How do we hold the information and how secure is the information:
The list is held on a password secured, stand-alone computer and backed up to a password secured cloud storage.

6: What if I do not wish to receive emails from Lost Art Limited:
Within each email there is a request that, should the recipient not wish to receive further information, then they should simply reply to the email asking to be deleted from the contact list.

7: How soon will I be removed from your list and stop receiving emails?
As soon as the person who sends out the emails receives a reply indicating your preference, then you will be removed from the mailing list and will not receive any further emails.  Please note that, as our research is ongoing as we try to expand our contacts and by extension, our business, we need to ensure that the same email address, which may appear in more than one location/list, we will remove all data held with the exception of the first 2 elements of an email address.  For example, we would retain the elements ‘aperson@thecouncil’ but without the suffix that makes it a deliverable email address.  This will prevent us duplicating an address and causing further irritation,  However, as it will not be retained in the form of a functioning email address, it cannot be used for marketing purposes.
We do not share information with any other organisation and therefore an opt out will mean exactly that

8:  How often would I receive information from Lost Art Limited?
We would anticipate sending out news of our products and services, usually by referring to specifc example, no more than every 4 – 6 weeks.  We believe that this is reasonable to maintain our legitimate pursuit of business whilst avoiding a nuisance level of communication.
Thank you for reading our policy, you can contact us at or telephone us on 01257 464601 should you require further information.