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Carron Mystery

Carron Mystery

A particularly decorative casting, originating from the famous Carron Company of Falkirk. This design was first registered in 1885. Suitable for installation in a private garden, or in a public space as part of a restoration or regeneration project, this is a wonderful example of Victorian design, which properly appreciated will last into the 22nd Century & beyond. This bench is available as a 2 support version, or with the addition of central supports can be produced in lengths beyond 2 metres.

Please note that the prices quoted are for a bench that is 6ft (1.85m) in length, with 2 cast iron supports and iroko hardwood slats.

For any changes to the above, for example, longer or shorter benches, bespoke painting, different timbers, please send us an enquiry.

Following your order we will confirm details such as paint colour with you and agree a delivery date to allow us to fully finish and assemble your bench(es).

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