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Winster Bench

Winster Bench
Winster Bench
Winster Bench
Winster Bench
Winster Bench

Produced by Lost Art for a restoration project on the North-East coast of the UK.  The Winster Bench is an original Victorian design, that represents the transition in fashion from naturalistic reflections of nature, to a more stylised representation of the surrounding fauna, whilst still retaining some of the rustic elements of earlier trends.

Whilst bearing similarities to other contemporary benches, the Winster has the advantage of a more robust construction, both in the basic dimensions of the casting, which are thicker than many similar designs, but also the presence of a bracing spur to the arm of the bench, making it more resistant to both accidental and deliberate damage – thus reducing the maintenance legacy of the benches.

The Winster Bench is therefore suitable for installation where historical accuracy is an important consideration, but the environment into which it is placed may present challenges.  In keeping with this, the hardwood timber slats used in the construction bring both strength and simplicity to the benches.

The cast iron supports are not ‘handed’, that is to say that the same castings can be used at either end of the bench.  This also means that additional castings can be placed between the ends of the bench, allowing benches to be constructed to match any length required.  This is particularly appropriate for a bench originally produced for installation in Scarborough, which reputedly has the longest railway station bench in the UK, if not the world!

The Winster Bench is a heavyweight construction, requiring care whilst being moved by a minimum of 2 people.  The original benches on which the reproductions are based are over 100 years old, which gives some idea of their resilience, if properly maintained – especially when allied to modern methods of corrosion prevention and paint technology.

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